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Information Technology / IT Services

Information-technology: (IT)
Consultants are disciplined in such as computer hardware, software engineering, or networks. networking systems, database, server rooms and others.
Technology is moving fast, but the talent isn’t keeping up. If you’re like most innovation and technology teams, you can’t find a way to fill your openings efficiently and cost-effectively – let alone build high-performing teams for innovative technologies like RPA, AI, machine learning, AR, and VR.
If you need to do more, faster, you need to find a trusted IT outsourcing partner that can support your needs, fit your culture, and deliver a full-stack set of skills affordably.
— Rapidly scale your team to meet client or internal demand
— Sunset legacy systems, or extend their life with support and bug fixes
— Embrace emerging tech without extensive CapEx
— Add a layer of performance and agility on an expedited timeframe
— Innovate cost- and time-efficiently
— Build pilot and proof-of-concept solutions
— Increase ROI from off-the-shelf software investments
Integrated IT Solutions
TEAM International is global software development, staff augmentation, and consulting partner specializing in helping technology teams scale quickly to meet their goals. We can provide bandwidth, cost efficiencies, and highly specialized skill sets that allow you to innovate and maintain your competitive edge.
Our team of highly-qualified developers, project managers, and business analysts is big enough to give you any level of service but small enough not to burden you with bureaucracy and red tape. Best of all, delivery centers on three continents ensure that we can build an information technology team that matches your corporate culture and time zone.
For Whom
  • — IT firms and departments
  • — Well-funded startups
  • — Development companies
  • — Manufacturers
  • — Hardware providers
  • — Logistics providers
  • — Firms in highly regulated industries
  • — Marketing and advertising agencies
  • — Healthcare and life sciences innovators
Strategy consultants: (AKA management consultants)
Working on the development of and improvements to organizational strategy alongside senior management in many industries.
Assorted areas of operational processes and can be specific to the industry or sector.
App & Web development:
Specialists in business use of the internet and keep themselves up-to-date with new and changed capabilities offered by the web.
Our consultants also have practical experience and expertise in management skills such as strategic planning, change, projects, processes, training, team-working, and customer satisfaction.
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