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ZDR Consultants

Taking you to the next level
我们在办案 - ZDR顾问 - 带你到一个新的水平

International Consulting Services  国际咨询服务

Full-service consultant services.  From startup business to established business,

ZDR Consultants can help you achieve your goals.

全方位的顾问服务。  从创业企业到成熟企业,ZDR顾问可以帮助您实现目标。

Strategy consultants (AKA management consultants), Interim managers, Human-resources (HR),  Internet, Process consultants.

Performance consultants, Educational consultants, IT Solutions, Management, Marketing.









[ Multiple Areas]

[多个区域 ]


We have experience in assorted areas of business.  From Operations, startups, marketing, HR, Image, Branding, and more.

我们在各种业务领域拥有丰富的经验。 从运营,创业公司,营销,人力资源,形象,品牌等

[ Problem Solving ]

[问题解决 ]


No Company is without problems. Some are small but others are big.  In using an outside source these can be solved quickly and effectively.

没有一家公司是没有问题的。 有些很小,但有些很大。  在使用外部源时,可以快速有效地解决这些问题。

[ Time Effective ]

[时间有效 ]

We work within your time frame in a positive and professional manner.  Time is Money and we respect this fact.  So we work in the most effective.


我们以积极和专业的方式在您的时间范围内工作。 时间就是金钱,我们尊重这一事实。 因此,我们以最有效的方式工作。


[ Educational Needs & Professional Development ]

[教育需求与专业发展 ]


All of your educational needs from staff development to curriculum & academics to School openings to Marketing and more. 

Professional Development for staff & teachers in academics & marketing, plus daily teaching.


[ Staffing & HR ]

[人员配备和人力资源 ]


Interviewing & vetting services. We will aid you in finding the perfect staff to grow your business with.

面试和审查服务。 我们将帮助您找到完美的员工来发展您的业务。

[ Company Image ]

[公司形象 ]


your companies image is the first step to success.  Personal image to staff image to what the public sees affects every aspect of your business.

您的公司形象是成功的第一步。 个人形象到员工形象到公众所看到的影响您业务的各个方面。

[ Day to Day Operations ]

[日常运营 ]


Things are not going as planned we can help you find exactly where the issues are and give you comprehensive plans to change them.


It was both a pleasure and an honor to work with an International Business Consultant at ZDR Enterprises in Asia. During the consulting time in the capacity of a combination of business & Education, they were able to bring together clientele from various professional and social circles to service many Fortune 500 local & international businesses. The skills of the cross-cultural lecturer and developer of training and marketing materials are beyond reproach. A role was given to a consultant as the Principal of our educational group and has brought that educational system from failure to one which meets or exceeds international standards. I strongly recommend ZDR Consultants for assorted services that aid in business and overseas Educational & academics.

能与ZDR Enterprises在亚洲的国际商务顾问合作,是我的荣幸和荣幸。 在咨询期间,他们以商业和教育相结合的身份,将各种专业和社交圈的客户聚集在一起,为许多财富500强的本地和国际企业提供服务。 跨文化讲师和培训和营销材料开发者的技能是无可非议的。 作为我们的教育集团的负责人,顾问被赋予了一个角色,并使该教育系统从失败变为符合或超过国际标准的教育系统。 我强烈建议ZDR Consultants提供各种服务,以帮助商业和海外教育和学术。

One Consultant we used was Dr.Dyon A. Powers who is an extremely talented professional with whose ability to lead a team to create a superior standard for our Educational Group. I'm delighted to recommend ZDR Consultants team members for any position which your organization may need.


Her key skills are in leadership, education, management, administration, motivating others, communication, innovation, strategic business development, planning, and curriculum development. I would gladly collaborate professionally with Dr.ADama on any project in the future should the opportunity arise.

我们使用的一位顾问是Dyon A.Powers博士,他是一位非常有才华的专业人士,能够领导一个团队为我们的教育集团创造卓越的标准。 我很高兴向您推荐ZDR Consultants团队成员担任贵组织可能需要的任何职位。

她的主要技能是领导力,教育,管理,行政,激励他人,沟通,创新,战略业务发展,规划和课程开发。 如果有机会,我很乐意与Powers博士在未来的任何项目上进行专业合作。

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