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Curriculum Development

Consultation & Curriculum Design
Educational Consultation and Curriculum Design: 

Learning Solutions provides Educational Consultation and Social Learning Curriculum Design services for individual students, classrooms and school communities, after-school programs, camp settings, and medical practice staff working with students/clients experiencing social learning challenges.  Click here for consultation rates and fees.

​In our consulting practice, we value collaboration among all team members, which includes goal setting, planning, analysis, and feedback. Our consultation goals include:  
  • Supporting an individual student’s social, emotional, behavioral, and/or academic success.
  • Designing social learning/skills curriculum, coaching, and implementation for a classroom, school, district, or organization.
  • Advising inclusive, whole-class/whole-school strategies for social/behavioral success.
  • Setting organization-wide benchmarks for social learning curriculum/instruction.
  •  Implementing series of professional development activities (See Workshops for some examples of topics).
  • Modeling social learning group facilitation for diverse learners.​
Learning Solutions staff are experts in designing social learning curriculum for diverse learners that demonstrates:
  • ​Differentiation
  • Multi-modal instruction
  • The visual and verbal pairing of instructional materials
  • Social behavior skills and social cognitive awareness
  • Systematic emotional regulation
  • Individual student strategies that cross over educational and life settings to facilitate generalization and application.​
Customized Curriculum Development
Curriculum development is critical to the success of any training program. The Connection® will partner with you to create an interactive and engaging curriculum that will provide a learning solution to help up-skill and educate agents. This approach better prepares agents to service customers and consultants in line with your organizational goals, brand, and culture.
Our curriculum development process guides you through the development process to ensure that your course meets the outlined business objectives while enhancing the learning experience for each user.
To design and deliver high-quality eLearning, Instructor-Led Training (ILT), and blended learning solutions, there are a series of stages that each curriculum development project undergoes to create the right strategy for success:
Content Collection
We will work with Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) from your organization to gather applicable learning content.
We will create an instructional design that engages the desire and motivations of each learner to continue their development while focusing on behavior–enhancing tasks.
We are able to meet all of your needs. We will create an interactive course that may be based on your budget, including any or all of the following:
  • Lesson Planning
  • Curriculum Maps
  • PPT;
  • Content;
  • Printed Materials;
  • Audio;
  • Video;
  • Branching;
  • Gamification;
  • Knowledge Checks/Certifications.
Our Curriculum Development and eLearning consultants partner with your Project Team, complementing and enhancing internal resources providing everything from needs analysis and curriculum design to the creation of entire course templates.
Training, Coaching & Lectures:
We teach with passion and believe in collaborative action, teamwork, and responsible leadership. 

Will Smith said 'the keys to life are running and reading' - life long learning, sharing knowledge and then getting up and going confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Our expert trainers and executive consultants are some of the top educators in the country and include Ivy-league professors, PhDs, and MBAs. 

This is why we started ZDR Consultants to learn, teach, share and grow together
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